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Businesses should implement safeguards and watch out for tax-related scams

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Most cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses with fewer than 100 employees:

  • Learn about best security practices for small businesses.

  • IRS continues protective masking of sensitive information on business transcripts.

  • A Business Identity Theft Affidavit – Form 14039-B – is available for all businesses to report theft to the IRS.

  • Beware of various scams, especially the W-2 scam that attempts to steal employee income information.

  • Check out the "Business" section on IRS's Identity Theft Central at

Here are some basic steps to protect your business data:

  • Install anti-malware/anti-virus security software with automatic updates enabled on all devices including laptops, desktops, routers, tablets and phones.

  • Deploy firewall protections on your network.

  • Use responsible passwords with:

    • At least eight characters (longer is better)

    • Special and alphanumeric characters

    • Passphrases instead of passwords

    • Unique passwords for each account

    • Protection on wireless devices

    • A password manager

    • Choose multi-factor authentication when available

    • Encrypt sensitive files and emails with strong password protection.

    • Back up sensitive data to a secure, external source not connected to your network.

    • Destroy old computer hard drives and printers that contain sensitive data.

    • Limit access to personal data only to individuals who need to know.

    • Enter personal data only on secure sites with web addresses that begin with "https."

Please visit the IRS at: Identity Theft Information for Businesses | Internal Revenue Service ( for additional information about protecting your business from identity theft.

Mark Gleason CPA

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