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COVID Safety Response Plan

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, in Safety and Health Guidelines for the Employers and Employees of Essential Work Operations, states: Assume everyone you come into contact with may be infected and contagious. Treat all encounters as a potential risk.

Practice personal protective measures such as social distancing.
Accordingly, we have implemented temporary workplace safety measures. To keep our team, our families, and our clients safe, I will not be participating in any in-person meetings with clients or staff. I am encouraging my entire team to do the same. Several other team members are working from home and are not regularly present at the office. We are changing our work processes to accommodate remote work.

We are discouraging clients from coming into our office until our community is clear of COVID. The reception area and conference rooms are the only areas in our office where clients and guests are permitted. We have a secure internet portal for gathering documents from clients and for delivering our completed work product. Email is not secure, so please use the portal to send documents to us. Let us know if you want an account set up on our secure internet portal. You can also send us your documents by US mail. If you do not have a portal account, we will send your completed tax returns by mail.

Our office hours for dropping off and picking up documents will be limited to our regular reception hours, 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Contact us if other arrangements need to be made. If it is necessary for you to have an in-person meeting, please call to discuss your options. Most of our work can be done without meeting in person.

We appreciate your cooperation with our workplace safety program. We look
forward to seeing you in person when COVID is no longer a health concern.

Mark S Gleason

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